The interior design trends for summer 2023 are lots of colour, patterns and shapes!


The current trend in home decor involves adding various decorative elements such as fringes, tufts, tassels, and feathers to home accessories such as cushions, wall hangings, throws, and rugs. This trend adds a personalized and unique touch to the decor of the room and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Ice Cream Colours

This summer, the interior design trend is inspired by the delightful gelato flavors. Just like selecting paint colors, picking an ice cream flavor can be difficult, so why limit yourself to just one? A beautiful palette of ice cream colors can be incorporated into your decor for a fun and playful look. It’s like having a scoop of your favorite gelato right at home!


This year, the focus has shifted from geometric patterns to using tiles, wallpaper, and art to create bold and colorful feature walls. The designs are striking and eye-catching, adding a touch of personality and vibrancy to homes everywhere.


With an increasing amount of information on the health benefits of houseplants, they are becoming increasingly popular as a must have item for our homes. It appears that one can never have enough of them, so why not visit your nearby garden centre and acquire some stunning plants for your living space.

Indigo Blue

To counterbalance the popularity of pastel tones, a new colour trend has emerged featuring deep, rich blues. If you’re hesitant to paint an entire room in one of these bold hues, consider incorporating them through accessories like vases and flowers. Mixing and matching different shapes, sizes and styles can create a unique and eye catching look.


In recent years, the watercolor ombre trend has gained popularity among homeowners, with many opting to take on the task of painting their own walls. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge, there are plenty of wallpaper designs available that offer a similar effect.

Glittery Gold

In the last 12 months, metallics like copper, brass, and rose gold have been in demand. However, this year it’s all about adding a touch of glamour to your golds! Compared to silver, gold is softer and adds a touch of elegance and opulence to any space. You’ll see gold detailing such as door knobs and handles, lamp bases, and picture frames everywhere.

Colour Pops

To add depth and intrigue to any room, strategically placed random pops of color are the way to go! This trend is gaining momentum this summer, and designers and homeowners alike can tailor it to their individual style and color schemes. This approach can be applied throughout the entire home. Pops of color need not be in bold, fluorescent shades; even a sprinkling of pastel shades in an otherwise white room can create the desired effect.


The tropical trend is becoming increasingly popular and can be seen across a variety of home decor items such as cushions, rugs, tiles, and glassware. This trend features bold, vibrant colors paired with gold accents to create a lively and cheerful atmosphere. The tropical trend can be incorporated both inside and outside the home and typically includes prints featuring tropical leaves and bright animal designs.